Site announcements

Requiring Pass Code for Zoom Session

by Ahad R. -

Zoom is enforcing use of Passcode for extra security of the sessions.

A Passcode has been added at the top of each Course Page where the link for Joining the Zoom meetings is located.


Easter Bank Holiday

by Ahad R. -

Dear All,

This is to confirm that I will be on leave during Easter Bank Holiday from 10th to 13th of April. I am happy to arrange for extra lessons individually if needed.

Thank you,


Christmas and New Year Period

by Ahad R. -

Dear all,

This is a notice that I will not be available from Friday 20th of December (including Friday) to Sunday 5th of January.

If you would like to book extra hours before of after this period, you are welcome. Please contact me by email or text message and I will be happy to arrange extra hours.

Kind regards,